About me

I believe that Illustration moves in a more deep and permeable way than other forms of communication. The challenge in illustration is to deliver a good piece of art whilst simultaneously transmitting an idea, allowing the spectator to interpret and decode the message delivered by the illustrator which, in turn, makes the observer an accomplice, persuaded by communication through art.

My experience of art started in my childhood with a family working in the visual arts field. Of all the arts, Illustration seems the most suitable for me and this is what I have been doing in a personal way for as long as I can remember. Owning a bookshop for many years fuelled my love of visual communication, design, illustration, and the many possibilities of transmitting messages and how it varies on covers and content book illustration.
My degree in Illustration has been definitive to pointing me in the direction of my dreams and to make illustration my way of living, my work and path. I always remember that illustration is at the service of the story and message being told. To be able to do this in a professional way has been a great privilege and one of the biggest gifts life has given me. When I start a project, I feel completely involved and I dedicate myself to it without reservation.
I am looking forward to working with you on your ideas or projects.  Also I want to explore new ways of using illustration in your field or in service of your ideas / needs. Please let me know what you are thinking, and we can start from there.

iris almendra